12in24 Plan Tips

by | Feb, 2017

  1. Are you using a dairy creamer in your SlimRoast? It has been suggested to use a non-dairy creamer in your SlimRoast. It has been reported that slower weight loss results have occurred while using a dairy creamer. Try Almond Milk instead or another non-dairy alternative.
  2. Is your water too hot? It has been reported that the water should not exceed 200C. If water does come to a complete boil, let stand for 5 minutes before adding to your SlimRoast.
  3. Are you consuming your functional beverages fast enough & with the right amount of water? It has been suggested that you consume the beverages within about 10-15 minutes and should be consumed in 12-16oz of water for best results.
  4. Are you taking the 7th day off as suggested? The 7th day is critical to take off…. TRUST ME. Yes, it may not seem like you ‘need it’ but your body does. LOTS of changes happening internally, and your body needs to “RESET” your metabolic set point to avoid the traditional ‘yo-yo’ syndrome typically associated with caloric restriction and/or fad diets.
  5. Are you taking medication? If so, we recommend that you see your doctor with the list of ingredients. Also, start out slow, consuming ΒΌ pkg to start & gradually work your way up to a full pkg in time. It is important to listen to your body. Some medications cause weight gain; this may cause slower results.